Today’s Trapfinders is sure to light up your day, or at least your nightmares!

Thanks for your patience while I got caught back up.  I was pretty busy helping run our booth at Anime Iowa this year, and as a result I wasn’t able to work on the pages I’d set up.  I’ve worked ahead for August though, since that month is going to be crazy!  For real, I’ll be at my regular job for barely half the month due to various out-of-townings I’ve got scheduled.  So yeah, pretty sure I’ll need a bit of a comic buffer to make sure you guys have great stuff to read!

As always please feel free to like, comment and subscribe to the comic.  Thanks guys!  This fall should see some new stuff coming here to the site.  Let me know any comments, critiques, suggestions or anything!  What you like, what you don’t like, who’s your favorite character – whatever!  I like hearing from you guys.   You can always reach me at