EDIT 06/25/2015:

Hey folks!  As you can probably tell, convention season is in full swing!  I’m super excited to be going to some great conventions this year, including Anime Midwest and Anime Iowa in the next few weeks!  Since I do a lot of prep work for my wife’s costuming business (Our Mass Hysteria!) and these conventions are close to being back-to-back, that’s left little time for me to write/draw Trapfinders!

Don’t worry – more comics are already drawn, and even more are coming!  I simply have a few other activities that are taking precedence right now.  I am, however, accepting Guest comics!  If you have a guest comic you’d like published up here on the site, please let me know at, or message us on Twitter (@trapfinders) or our Facebook (

Thanks for your patience, I’ll be back before you know it!  I hope everyone is having a great summer!


…things just escalated.  Is this the curse that Sirius is trying to correct – or is that something else entirely?

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